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How to Get Meghan Markle’s Glowing Skin


Despite a recent pregnancy “glow,” Meghan Markle has always had good skin. Think back to her wedding day, when her minimal makeup allowed her natural freckles and dewiness to show.

Clearly, Markle values a solid skincare routine. She also has Sarah Chapman, London-based facialist and founder of clinic and skincare brand Skinesis, to thank. Reportedly, after giving Markle a facial the night before the royal wedding, she has been her go-to for facials since moving to the UK. Chapman also works with celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Victoria Beckham, Jourdan Dunn, and Naomi Watts.

Elle recently sat down with the skincare expert to learn all about her techniques and methods.

Skincare should include your ears and neck

We moisturize our chins, legs, and other areas of the body, but we often forget about the ears. The ears are really an extension of our face. Therefore, take your skincare from your jaw down to your chest.

Facial massages are your best friend

Massages release all the tension by getting down into the muscle, but also really working the skin on so many sorts of levels, whether it’s lymphatic drainage, or for circulation. A lot of the movements are really fast pinching, rolling, tapping, and a lot of lifting. Even just a cleanse massage would show a lifting and plumpness in your skin.

You only needs your hands as tools

If you’re doing a facial massage at home, or if you’re cleansing or putting on an oil, or cream, put your hands into a loose fist, then face your knuckles towards you. Roll and knead your knuckles into the skin. Beginning in the center of your face, work out towards the ears. Another simple thing you can do is pinch with your index finger and your thumb. Sometimes just pinching, slapping or tapping your face can bring your skin to life.

Get a facial once a month.

Go once a month, for maintenance. If you have no particular issues with your skin but want to maintain it, then once a month is usually enough. Otherwise, if you have a specific skin issue such as acne or pigmentation, you might need to go more often to get our skin into a balance.

Don’t change your skincare routine too much during pregnancy

Some people get hormonal imbalance with pregnancy, and so they get a lot of acne. Some people don’t get any breakouts and instead, have an incredible pregnancy glow. In that case, it’s really about hydration. Vitamin C is excellent to control pigmentation and to keep the skin radiant.
Before a big event, plan your skin regimen at least six months ahead
Dealing with your skin in stages gives you a chance to strengthen the skin. Then, you can try stronger peels and methods to smooth and tighten your skin.

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