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Kendall Jenner Opens Up On Dealing Acne

kendall jenner

One of the famous sisters of the Kardashian clan, the Instagram famous and supermodel Kendall Jenner, has finally opened up about her acne and how she manages it. The well-known celebrity and runway star says she is just like everyone else and has been struggling with acne since she was a young teenager. She shared with her millions of fans worldwide how she had such severe acne breakouts when she was younger. Also, that it damaged her self-esteem.

Kendall Jenner expressed how being so insecure about her acne began to affect her social life.

She wouldn’t even look people in the eyes and hardly talk in public. Jenner also shared when she would take pictures of friends and family she would purposely cover her face with her hands. She was ashamed her awful acne breakouts.

Dermatologist says lots of people can relate to the supermodel because acne is a common skin condition and affects eight percent of teenagers. Kendall Jenner first advice she was given by her older sister was never to touch your face with dirty hands. All of Kendall Jenner’s celebrity sister told her as a young teenager to always wash your face daily and wear eye cream.

Kendall Jenner is not a teenager anymore. She is now twenty-one years old with clearer skin she says. Doctor Christine Kidd is Kendall Jenner’s dermatologist. She is willing to share her secrets on how Kendall has such glowing, healthy skin.

Kidd states that it is important to remember that there is no cure for acne. However, people with acne can tame it.  Acne can happen at all stages of life, but with the right daily skin care routine, it can clear up. Dr. Christine Kidd’s best advice she has given to the supermodel is to always gbr entle with her skincare routine.


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