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Korea Has A New Skin Care Product, “Glass Skin”


Did you know that the best skin care treatments, regiments, and innovations all come to Korea? Some of the skin care products and procedures come from Korea such a essences, cushion compacts, and snail masks. The newest skin care trend in Korean beauty secrets is glass skin. Worldwide, people are obsessing over Korea’s new glass skin product. Glass skin is a skin care treatment that will have your skin feeling and look its best.

The latest product in Korea invented glass skin for people struggling with dry and dull skin.

Glass skin treatment will give your skin a translucent look, give it lots of hydration and leave a dewy look to your skin after one use.

Most Korea’s skin care products are always geared toward the health of your skin. Sean Son is the general manager of Cremorlab skin care line says this new product is just what people have wanted to come out. In 2016 the skin care trend was wanting to achieve a matte skin look.

Be that as it may, times are changing, and people wish to glowing, healthy-looking skin. Also, glass skin product will hydrate your skin within bringing out the inner shine of our skin. Sean Son’s also included that hydration that goes deep into your skin will leave a constant glow to your skin. That is what glass skin product will do.

Glass skincare product is a deep natural hydration for all types of skin. Also, it will leave your skin clear from acne breakouts. The general manager of Cremorbl’s skin care line says Korea women now want to use fewer layers of skin care product to achieve the healthiest skin. Glass skin care line will give your skin the necessary hydration throughout the day and give it its natural glow. However, it is essential to follow a skincare routine that follows with cleanser, toning, moisturize and some hydrating skin mask.


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