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Lasers For The Treatment of Acne Breakouts


All over the world dermatologist are using lasers to treat their patients that are struggling with acne. Although, there is not a lot of sold compelling research that proves that laser based acne treatments are working on their patients. Recently, there was a study by the Medical Literature on the use of laser therapy in dermatologist clinics. More so in the U.S. for the treatment of types of acne such a vulgarism.

Vulgaris acne is a condition on the skin that causes spots otherwise known as acne breakouts. People suffering from vulgaris acne have an excessive amount of sebum which is our natural oil that builds in our skin, so it does not dry out and when there is an extreme amount it causes blockages. This particular condition tends to develop when there is an overload of natural oils that clog up your pores with dead skin and dirt.

Lasers For Treating Acne

Doctor Arielle R. Eagles the senior author of this Study and assistant professor at the Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology at the University of New York Health says there is a demand for new improved acne treatments. Dermatologist need to find the right medical therapy in a timely matter for our patients struggling with Vulgaris breakouts. Also, with other types of acne, she included.

Doctor Arielle R. Nagles says in the medical field we are at the point in skin care where there have been considerable advances. However they are now in need of alternative therapeutic options for people struggling with acne. She later expressed how excited and interested her patients were when laser acne treatments first came out.

Typical laser treatments for acne are an infrared spectrum and have longer wavelengths for better results. One of the preferred laser acne treatments is the Erbium laser. It is available in many dermatologist offices.

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