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Mental Health And Acne Issues

mental health

Mental Health has risen over the last few years, and medical professional believes there may be a link between acne and depression. Like most people, you may experience some skin issues. They can include zits, acne breakouts, eczema, rosacea, or even uneven skin tones.

Not having the ‘ideal’ healthy, glowing skin can affect ones’ mental health. Some people may want to avoid face to face contact while others. Some may not want to be in a family picture. Regardless, it can be a start of mental issues down the line. People may not even know that they can receive help for both mental and acne problems. Most don’t understand that the two can go hand in hand.

Mental Health Can Impact Your Skin

Thankfully, medical professionals are doing a 180 and putting a positive change on the link between skin troubles and mental health. Their healthcare providers are finally listening to their patients.

Psychological effects due to skin troubles are now being acknowledged. Also, there are action treatment plans set in place. Although many factors can cause depression, it is essential to know that all types of mental illness don’t have links to acne. It does play an important role in people dealing with bullying, exclusion in the workplace. Also, poor body image, depression, and low self-esteem.

Patients of Doctor Zoya Diwan at Trikwan Aesthetics says she hears the same story over and over. People are not even wanting to leave their homes due to depression from their acne breakouts. People can suffer from a lack of confidence at school or their workplace and also in their relationships due to acne. Even though we are in 2019, people overlook skin issues because times are changing. In conclusion, if you are having a hard time with low self-esteem or not wanting to go out into the world because of your acne breakouts, speak with your doctor. It could be the start of your journey to feeling better mentally and your skin.

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