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Milia; What Are They? Where Do They Come From?


Do you ever experience having little white bumps appear right under your skin, that no matter how hard to try to squeeze the gunk out, they remain? That’s because milia aren’t you typical zit. Milia are tiny, annoying bumps that can creep under your skin. However, they tend to show them show up around clusters of pimples as well as skin tags.

However so, there is hope. There are many different ways to help keep the milia at bay. Some methods can even help those who are late to the pimple popping game! Flawlessly smooth skin is in the future, continue reading.

After years of dealing with acne, make sure to research precisely what milia are. Though they are similar in appearance to whiteheads, they aren’t whiteheads.

According to Consultant Dermatologist Dr. Anjali Mahto, they are small white cysts or bumps. They appear on the surface of the skin when dead skin cells become trapped in pores.

Milia, Little White Bumps That Resemble Whiteheads

Keratin makes up the matter inside the bumps. Keratin is a protein that resides on the outer layer of the kins. Though they may resemble whiteheads, they are into relation to acne whatsoever. Actually, they are a mere pocket of normal skin. With that in mind, it is best for people not to treat them as acne.

When it comes to milia, Dr. Anjali says that there are many factors that contribute to their cause. If you have them around your eyes, it can be due to heavy creams, especially with the skin around the eye being much thinner than any other areas on one’s face. However, there are places they can appear.

Milia can occur on your nose, chest, and back as well. They come about when there is damage to the skin, mostly sun damage. Rashes and other excessive products can cause milia to sprout.

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