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Millennials And Gen Z Skincare Survey


When it comes to skincare, it’s interesting to see where Millennials and Gen Z’ s stand. The Founder and President of + CCO at Compose[d] Creative did a survey using the two. He says that the data was able to show his company that the efficacy of a product is essential when it comes to having a natural or sustainable brand. Also, if you are more on the traditional side, the sustainability of your product should be perfect. However, it is all up to customers’ wants.

When it comes to going natural:
2 out of 5 in the survey say that they exclusively use natural products, while four out 5 says that they incorporate natural products
Gen Z is 20% more like to use natural skin care products than millennials.
However, 56% of millennials want to buy more natural products but don’t know of anything worth purchasing.
78% of Gen Z and 73% of millennials believe that using natural skin care is essential.
82% say they are willing to make the switch from man-made products over natural.

Millennials and Gen Z Take Survey On Natural Skincare Products Versus Man-made Products

Where Are Sustainable Products?
Though 90% of Gen Z and Millennials say that more products should be sustainable, only 35% exclusively buy sustainable products. Out of the two groups, 52% aren’t always sure that they know the durability of products.
1 in 3 Gen Z and millennials have trouble skincare products that are sustainable.
When it comes to making the switch, 77% say that would if they were able to find products offering the results they were wanting.

50% believe that natural products are healthier, whereas 57% say that natural products make their skin feel better. 1 and 3 say that they choose natural as a means to avoid certain chemicals.

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