Easy Acne Remedy

Organic Foods To Cure Acne & Acne Scars


Organic Foods like Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Honey can work wonders in curing acne and acne scars. The important thing to remember is to be patient and consistent with your facial routines.


Organic Potatoe Mask:

Cut a small raw organic potato into slices. Make sure your face is makeup & oil free. Then, taking one of the slices of the raw potato, gently massage it over your in a circular motion. Then use the rest of the slices one by one repeating the same steps. You will need to rub the potato juices into your skin for about 20 minutes. Now let the potato juices soak into your skin until dry. After about 15 minutes you will need to rinse your face with warm water. Then pat your skin dry, do not rub. Apply some facial moisturizer. You should do this daily to get desired results

Raw Organic Tomatoes can remove nasty pimples, blackheads and even sooth your face from your acne breakouts. Raw organic tomatoes will also eliminate acne scars.


You will need a fresh organic tomato. Cut your tomato into small pieces. Then crush the raw tomato & its juices into a smooth paste. Make sure your face is free of oil & makeup. Now rub the organic tomato mixture on your face. Make your massage gently while focusing on your troubled areas. After you’ve applied a layer of the tomato mixture, leave it on for 30 minutes allowing the juices to soak into your skin. Rinse your face with warm water. Pat your face dry, do not rub. Repeat these steps until you get your desired results.

Organic & Raw Honey is a super food which is great for our body and our skin. Raw honey will not only improve your acne, but also prevent future breakouts and acne scars. However, the best place to purchase organic & raw honey is at a farmers market, and make sure to always look at the ingredients on the label.


Make sure your face is free of makeup & oils. Massage a light layer of honey to your face.  Also, leave the honey overnight to get best results. Rinse off the honey in the morning with warm water. Pat dry your face, do not rub.

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