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pH Balance And How It Affects Your Skin

pH balance

Michelle Wong, who has her chemistry Ph.D. from Austrailia has a beauty launched six years ago. The mission of her blog id to giver better explanation of the science that goes into skin products. On topic, in particular, is pH balance in skin-care.

What is a pH balance and how does it play a role in skin care?

pH is short for the potential of hydrogen, and the pH is the numerical value ranging from zero to 14. Also, it identifies the acidity or alkalinity of a product. When it comes to skincare, most alkaline cleaners like soap and shampoo have a pH balance above 7. Whereas salicylic acids have lower pH balances around 3-4. One’s skin hovers around 4-6 and has an acid mantle that protects it from alkaline invaders and harmful bacteria.

Most cleansers that contain sodium lauryl sulfate can disrupt your pH balance whether for your skin or what you put in your body. One wash with a strong soap can wipe away any and all of the protective acid mantle. Doing so leaves the skin open for a bacterial invasion.

How do acid-based products affect the skin’s pH?

Topical cleansers such as serums with vitamin C can cause less damage than those with high alkaline levels. Acids with a neutral charge help to strip away dead skin but keep the acid mantle in place.

What should someone do if their skin does become damaged?

If your skin becomes damaged, you may seem more redness al the way to dermatitis. According to recent studies, some products can affect the pH balance of your skin for up to six hours. However, the irritation from the product can last for days. Skin color can change the way certain products work on your skin as well. Lighter skin tones ten to have lower pH and stronger acid mantles.

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