Easy Acne Remedy

Pimple Face-Mapping Helps Clear Skin


Everyone deals with pimples. No matter where they are, nobody is excited when they emerge out of nowhere. Despite your skin routine, they still show up just when you least need them.

A theory called “acne face mapping” suggests that the location of your acne could present the answer to what’s causing it. Therefore, you can do some detective work to help clear up your acne via acne face mapping. Keep in mind that while acne face mapping may be a good indicator of why your acne is appearing, it’s essential to treat acne depending on your skin type.

Expert Zoe Devine, says some mild acne can present within some regions of the face due to external triggers. This includes talking on the phone (acne on the cheeks), make-up such as bronzer and blush (acne on the cheeks), hats or hair products (acne around the hairline), lipsticks or balms (along the lip line). This type of acne is often referred to as acne cosmetic.

It’s also believed that acne which persistently presents within one location on the face can be a sign of internal imbalances within the body, as explained via Holistic Skin Analysis. Accordingly, to Holistic Skin Analysis, each part of the face corresponds to an internal body system. If that system is out of balance, you can see changes in the skin.


Pimples on the forehead are commonly linked to the digestive system. This may indicate that your body is finding it hard to break down certain foods. It may also report liver problems, stress or an irregular sleep schedule.

T-Zone or between the brows:

Greasy, fatty and processed foods may be the cause of acne here. Healthy choices help with this. Too much alcohol is another possible cause.


Pimples on your cheeks may indicate that you’ve come into contact with polluted air – usually from spending time in congested areas. Allergies affecting the respiratory system may also be the cause. Additionally, pressing your cell phone against your skin while talking may transfer germs onto your face. Always wash skin completley before bed to get rid of remaining contaminants. Acne here can sometimes be a symptom of too much sugar in your diet. Cut back and see if that helps.


Hormones are typically the blame for acne here. Changes in your hormones often cause chin pimples.Try to pay extra attentiont to yoru skin care in the days before your period. Consider eating foods that help regulate our natural hormonal cycles. Be sure to not rest your chin in your hands when bored or tired, as this transfers oils from your fingertips to your chin, which causes pimples.

How can you prevent acne?

It is difficult, and there is no one’ cure’ for acne. Despite this, there are many things you can do in your daily lifestyle to help reduce the likelihood of acne by ensuring your body is in the balance as best it can be.

Try limiting high glycaemic index (GI) foods such as high sugar foods, refined carbohydrates, etc. Frequent consumption of high GI foods can increase the hormone insulin which has a knock on effect to other hormones (elevates androgen concentrations thereby increasing sebum production, all of which can contribute to acne development.

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