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Plants Useful for Hair and Skin Care


People have always harvested plants for their benefits for both hair and skin care. Many plans are full of vitamins and fatty acids that help with a plethora of daily issues. Here are 6 plants that can help you look and feel great.

Sunflower Plants and their seeds

The oil from sunflower seeds contains Vitamin E and fatty acids that target multiple skin conditions. It can help fight wrinkles and harsh sun rays. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which fight acne and rashes. Even, when put on the scalp, the oil can fight off common irritations such as dryness and brittle hair. Keywords like high-oleic and cold-pressed on skincare labels indicate purer and more potent formulas.

Camelina Oil

The oil from this plant is often mixed into cleansers and serums to work as an emollient. It’s also full of omega-3s just like salmon. This ingredient is one of the few fatty acids our bodies are incapable of making on its own. So, those who suffer from Eczema or psoriasis know to use camelina oil to moisturize. In recent times, it’s even become an ingredient en vogue for anti-aging products.


For those that have used anything salicylic acid such as topical, spot-treatments, you’ve seen mint’s acne-fighting abilities. Mint is a heavily astringent plant. This means it’s strong enough to make the pores in your skin contract to squeeze out excess oil.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are used for more than flavoring your favorite stock pot. An Eastern medicine practice hailing from India called Ayurveda works with these antioxidant-rich leaves to help with skin and hair problems. Bay leaf rinses could help with heavy dandruff hair while strengthening hair follicles for future regrowth. If applied to the skin, it can target impurities which can help with acne. It can also de-puff without drying out to make for a great toner.

Aloe vera

This plant has been a part of beauty routines for decades. The clear gel inside the leaves of this succulent has the ability to treat wounds, bites, and burns. These feats are possible thanks to the plant’s ability to quicken skin regeneration. It also has a large part in anti-aging formulas as well thanks to Vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins keep the skin moisturized and firm, preventing fine lines.

Burdock Roots

This plant holds a lot of clout in a variety of cultures. Therefore, it has many names including Arctium, Thorny burr, or cockle buttons. The oil from the root is great for your hair. It nourishes the scalp with fatty acids and even enhances blood circulation. It also promotes hair growth.

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