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Removing Skin Tags With Out A Dermatologist

removing skin tags

Skin tags are a tiny growth on the skin that can be found almost anywhere on your body. Removing skin tags may require a visit to a doctor. It is a benign (not harmful) tumor. They can be brown, skin tone, red or black in color. Usually caused by friction from clothing or from the skin to skin contact and are typically found in folds of skin.

Common places to see skin tags are on back, neck, underarms, and eyelids. No need to see a dermatologist, the following are natural and fast ways of removing skin tags.

With each of these remedies, it is important to clean the area on the skin before application.

Apple cider Vinegar (ACV): Soak a cotton ball in ACV and squeeze the excess liquid out before applying cotton ball to the skin tag. Let dry. Do this three times a day for at least 7 to 10 days. The skin tag will dry out, turn black and fall off.

Dental Floss: This is a little trickier to do, but for the bigger skin tags it’s not too hard. You may need a friend’s help. Take some dental floss, like 5 inches, and tie it around the base of the skin tag. The area closest to the skin is where you will tie this really tight and then double knot it to make sure it does not come loose. Then cut off the extra string and wait for a few days. Without constant blood flow to the area, the skin tag will dry out and fall off.

Baking Soda/ castor oil: Make a paste by mixing one teaspoon of Baking Soda and 1-1/2 teaspoons of castor oil. Apply to the skin tag and leave on for 30 minutes. Then wash off. Do this three times a day for about 7 to 10 days.

Tea Tree Oil and water: Mix in a small bowl 2 to 3 drops of Tea tree oil with about four teaspoons of water. Apply to a cotton ball and rub on tag. Let this dry naturally. Do this every day for about a month.

Lemon: Do not use lemon in a bottle. There may be other additives that react with your skin. Take a fresh lemon and cut in half. Squeeze the lemon juice into a container and use a cotton ball to soak up the juice. Apply cotton ball to the tag every day until you see the tag change color and dry up.

Removing Skin Tags At Home

Coconut oil or Vitamin E: This is a good one for the area around your eyes. It is easier on the skin, which is more delicate. Rub every night with coconut oil or vitamin E and leave on. Do not use the vitamin E capsules. Find a vitamin E in liquid form that is specifically for skin use.

Nail polish: Ok, so this one isn’t really natural, but it is something you might have handy around your house. Apply the nail polish to the skin tag. If you use clear polish, no one will even notice. The idea is to close off all oxygen to the skin tag. Without oxygen, the skin tag will die and fall off.

Note: With all of these remedies, if your skin gets irritated, discontinue application. Some of these remedies might not be good for some with sensitive skin because of the natural acid found in them. If unsure, apply to an area on your skin, like the forearm, and wait about 24 hours before you try this on other specific areas where the skin tags need to be removed.

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