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Scalp Acne, What Is It? How Does It Come About?

Everyone, including their grandma, knows what pimples look like. However, could you imagine a breakout around your hairline or throughout your scalp? Yep, it is a type of acne, but it has to be treated differently. Acne on the scalp is due to inflammation or folliculitis that forms on our hair follicles. When these breakouts occur, it is caused by fungal, irritation, bacteria, and other infections. Typically, if you suffer from facial acne and breakouts, you are more prone to scalp acne.

Just like many types of acne such as pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and other acne breakouts, there are many reasons why they pop out of anywhere. Some reasons may be excessive levels of stress, certain foods, abnormal immune responses, medications, and climate. More factors include facial cleansers, other soaps, and hormonal balances.

Scalp Acne Happens To Many, However, There Are Solutions

Keep in mind, certain hair spray, gels, oils, certain shampoos, and conditioners could be causing your scalp breakouts. Dermatologists say oil-based products used on your head can clog your glands and pores. Although, for that very reason is why it is so important to keep up on washing your hair. Trying organic shampoos, conditioners, and any products that come in contact with your scalp is the best way to go always.

It is common sense never ever to pop a pimple or any type of acne. Though you should never pick, itch, squeeze acne even the acne on your scalp. The only safe way to do this is in a medical setting. When you are popping, itching, squeezing, or picking your acne on your head, you are increasing your chances for skin infections.

If you get a skin infection on your scalp, it could be more of a burden and go deeper into your skin, which then will prolong the healing process. If you have a serve case of acne on your head talking to your dermatologist would be best. Your physician could recommend medication shampoos and conditioners. Medical shampoos and conditioners contain salicylic and sulfur acids.

Plus, washing your hair and head every other day is a suggestion if you are struggling with breakouts on your scalp. Washing your scalp after a hardcore workout will help unclog your skin glands and pores, preventing further breakouts.

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