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Sebaceous Glands: The Reason Behind Acne

sebaceous glands

Your body is completely covered with sebaceous glands with the exception of your palms and the bottoms of your feet. Even your eyelids have sebaceous glands! The sebaceous gland is located at the base of your hair follicle where the root sits. It creates natural oil to moisturize your skin and protect it. The pore is the opening (tiny holes) of your skin where the hair follicle exits along with the natural oil created by the sebaceous gland. When referring to these types of glands, they typically coincide with the topic “acne” and the reason behind it.

Acne is basically a bump on your skin or a comedo. A comedo can either be open or closed. The comedo forms when your sebaceous gland creates oil/ wax combination (sebum) and the pore of your skin is clogged. Most times the reason for pimples is that you have excess dead skin or oil (sebum) build-up. There are 2 main types of acne: non-inflammatory and inflammatory.

List of acne that is non-inflammatory:

Whiteheads-closed comedo. These are white bumps that are full of whitish yellow liquid when your immune system is under attack from an infection, and your body creates “pus” to shield it. Many different exterior or interior factors could be the culprit. Your pores help as an outlet to release the foreign invader along with your natural oils. Pus is a combination of dead white cells, tissue, and bacteria. If your pores are clogged, a white head will form.

Sebaceous Glands Are At The Base Of Your Hair Follicles

Black heads-open comedo. This appears as a black dot in the middle of your pore. It contains the combination of sebum and melanin. The melanin when it hits the air, it oxidizes and turns black. Sort of like when sterling silver tarnishes. So this does not necessarily mean your skin dirty.

Papules-Are small bumps that do not have pus in them but are not an open comedo either. They are usually pink in color and slightly raised.

List of acne that is inflammatory:

Pustules-Similar to the whitehead because these contain pus in them. A closed comedo forms and usually yellow in color with a red inflammation around it. THe reasons these form is due to an allergic reaction to food. These are best if you have these taken cared of in a dermatology clinic, so the bacteria doesn’t spread. Often painful to the touch.

Nodules-A hard, inflamed bump on the skin. It is deep in the skin. It feels like it will never come to a “Head.” Best to go to a dermatologist to get a medication. Over the counter medication is typically ineffective.

Cyst- Is a more serious type of acne. It consists of a large pimple filled with pus. These can be as big as 1 inch in diameter and have an appearance of a sore. It is believed that a hormone by the name of androgen is part of the culprit. Excess androgen can influence the sebaceous gland to be overactive and create excess oils. A dermatologist is came help with treatment.

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