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Spearmint Tea Cures Hormonal Acne

spearmint tea

Any woman knows hormonal acne is one of the worse and most annoying types of acne to deal with on a daily basis. Typically, hormonal acne will be large in size. Also, thick acne that will boil under your skin days before it is ready to pop. Sometimes that type of acne will just linger for days to weeks at a time before it is completely gone. However, spearmint tea may be what you need.

The dermatologist will usually treat hormonal acne with tretinoin, tea tree, and benzoyl peroxide. Honestly, these different treatments don’t cure this type of acne efficiently. If you are squeezing, picking and rubbing your acne can cause scarring and that could be for a lifetime. So it might be time for you to consider spearmint tea to treat your hormonal acne for good.

Spearmint Tea Is Perfect For Acne

When it comes to curing hormonal acne spearmint has some super components it is that just might be the trick. Antiandrogenic is one of the effects that spearmint tea has on the skin. Antiandrogenic can decrease testosterone levels.

Spearmint acne will also reduce sebum production in your skin as well as the development of hormonal acne. From 2007 to 2009 two women were in clinical trials that were struggling with hormonal acne. They were to drink spearmint tea twice a day for a week straight. After drinking the tea for a week, the women’s testosterone levels decreased by one third in just over the seven day period.

Dermatologist recommends drinking spearmint tea once or twice a week at first and slowly increase until you are satisfied with your results. Remember using any acne treatment whether it is organic or medication you need to give it time to work.

You can buy spearmint tea at any drugstore in your area or order it online. All you need is to do is boil some water add to a small coffee mug. Then, let your spearmint tea bag sit in it for five to ten minutes. Enjoy the drink!

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