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Sunburn Relief In 24 Hours Using These Tips

sunburn relief

Spring and Summer are probably my most favorite seasons of the year. I’m not one to venture out much in the late Fall or Winter (too cold here). So, as soon as the sun pops out, I am doing as much as I can to get outside in the Sun. One thing quite a few of us forget, (especially me), is to break out the sunscreen before I have to worry about sunburn relief.

I am the biggest rebel thinking I am resilient to sunburn. But then it happens, I come inside and look in the mirror for the first time in 2 hours and notice my face, chest, and arms are beet red. The inevitable is about to happen. I will soon be feeling the burn, and then it’s too late. I have a sunburn. So now, I keep a few things handy at home for those special occasions. Here are a few home remedies that can help alleviate your sunburn in as quickly as 24 hours.

1. Milk- Take a washcloth or cotton ball and soak in cold Milk. Wring out excess liquid and apply gently to the affected areas. The lactic acid in Milk helps remove the dead burned skin to promote healing faster.

2. Black Tea- Make some black tea ahead of time using a tea bag and some hot water. Let it sit with a tea bag in a cup until it reaches room temperature. Pour the Black tea in a glass jar or container with lid and store in the refrigerator. When needed, soak a rag or cotton ball with tea and apply to affected areas. This can be done instead of the Milk. If you have a spray bottle, you put tea in it and spray yourself instead.

Sunburn Relief

3. Moisturize- Use a light cream or lotion specifically for sunburn. No petroleum based moisturizers. If it has calamine or Aloe Vera in it, hat would be best because these two ingredients help to calm down the burn.

4. Drink lots of Water! It is always good to drink water anyway but now is even more critical. Try to get in 8 glasses. Your skin has lost lots of water, and you need to re-hydrate it.

5. Aspirin- Aspirin is an anti-inflammatory. Sunburn is inflammation of the skin. It helps to relieve the pain and help prevent swelling.

By the next day, your skin will be re-hydrated and feel cooler as if you never had Sunburn. Make sure if you are sensitive to certain additives or medications that you test a small area first. You can also contact your physician if necessary before trying these remedies out.


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