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Mental Health And Acne Issues

Mental Health has risen over the last few years, and medical professional believes there may be a link between acne and depression. Like most people, you may experience some skin issues. They can include zits, acne breakouts, eczema, rosacea, or even uneven skin tones. Not having the ‘ideal’ healthy, glowing skin can affect ones’ mental…


Hormones Can Cause Horrific Break Outs

Whether you are a woman or a man, in your early teens to your fifties, you can still have acne breakouts due to hormones. Some people in their first fifty’s can experience acne breakouts as often as a fifteen-year-old girl going through changes. Regardless of your age or gender, it can only be so frustrating…

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Runners Acne: What Causes The Breakouts

So what is runners acne? First off all acne is very complex and comes from bacteria from sweating. When you have high levels of bacteria build up, sebum and sweat build up on your skin. It will cause acne breakouts. Runner’s acne is also goes by the name acne mechanica. Acne Mechanica is caused by…