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Too Much Time in bed is Bad for Your Skin

Too Much Time in Bed is Bad for Your Skin

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I would long to spend the whole day in bed. Due to several months of quarantining and attending school online, my wish has come true. While some days are excellent, there is one massive downfall to this. If you’re someone who spends all day working on your laptop from bed, and…


Vegetables and Other Vitamin Rich Foods Can Cure Acne

Our skin takes a lot of harm from everyday life activities: pollution, allergies, acne, dullness, whiteheads, and blackheads. We are always searching for ways to cure these issues. There are various solutions out there in beauty centers. However, these cosmetics won’t’ do much if you don’t take care of your system and feed yourself with…

aloe vera

Aloe Vera For Curing Acne Issues

Drew Barrymore knows a thing or two about skin. On social media, she has been sharing photos of her self-applying chunks of aloe vera on her skin to treat blemishes. In one pic she says that after applying the juice from the plant to her face, the mark was gone in two days. Below are…


Skin Mask Made With Honey & Strawberry

Your skin is there to protect you from all the dirty elements of our populated air and keeps your insides, your insides. For all the protection your skin gives you in return you should take care of your skin and protect it from the damaging elements. Do not turn to harsh products with even worse…


Evenly-Toned Skin With Organic Sugar

Every person near and far wants that evenly-toned and super smooth natural skin. Although, it is amazing to know how common it is to have uneven skin tones. When you are struggling with uneven skin tone, it ages your skin making you look tired all the time. Some of the main reasons for skin discolorations…

4 simple

4 Simple Ways To Cure Sunburn

4 Simple Ways To Cure Sunburn Everyone could use 4 simple ways to cure sunburn. No one tries purposely to get sunburns on their skin! It happens to all of us. Maybe you fell asleep in the sun, or simply lost track of time or misplaced your sunscreen it could have been anything. Although the fact…