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Acne Cysts: What Are They and How To Treat Them

Recall growing up, when people would tell us we would grow out of our acne. Adults want to be encouraging and promote an “it gets better” mentality. However, when it comes to acne cysts, that isn’t always the case. A 2011 study shows that nearly have of women age 20-29 have clinical acne. Acne cysts…

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The Type of Acne You should Never Pop No Matter What

Most dermatologists usually tell their patients to never pop any of your pimples, facial or otherwise, no matter the type. While MD Sandra Lee, who also goes by the moniker of “Dr. Pimple Popper” mostly agrees, she does say there is one type of acne that rises above all other warnings to not pop. Cystic…


Cystic Acne Finally Has A Cure

When it comes to extreme acne, cystic acne is high on the list. However, over-the-counter treatments aren’t always available. Experts say that it can take some time and testing to see what treatment work for you specifically for your skin. However, there are times when one solution becomes popular and viral with claims of working…

cystic acne

Scary Cystic Acne; Fearlessly Combat It!

It is common as a young teenager to experience a pimple or two. But if you have large, painful and red breakouts with your skin, you could be developing something called cystic acne. It is important not to wait out these types of breakouts because they’re treatable. If not treated, cystic acne can linger for…