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Studies Show That Most People Want Acne Cure

People all around the world suffer from some type of acne and breakouts are 8th of the prevalent illness worldwide list, according to recent research. Dermatologists believe this because of the constant information on those natural at-home remedies people use. In recent studies, Dermatologists are making a big statement saying there might be a way…

acne scars

Acne Scars No More! Remedies For Removing Scars

Instead of spending unnecessary money on products to help heal your acne scars, below are a few home remedies to keep your pockets full, and your face looking better than ever. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is perfect for helping to heal acne scars due to its natural inflammation-fighting properties. Using a 5 percent…

healthy skin

Healthy Skin Takes Time and Patience

Having healthy skin isn’t as simple of having good genes but your daily habits. There are thousands of skin care products on the market and getting into the right skin care routine is key to having healthy skin. Make sure you are always reading reviews of different skin care products as well as still consult…

get clear skin

Get Clear Skin At Home With These Remedies

There are plenty of ways someone can get clear skin. Some consider having healthy skin as the main element to one person’s beauty.Well, some of us are not so lucky in that department. People who struggle with unhealthy skin can do so for many reasons. Examples include: living in an over polluted area, poor diet…

skin tags

Skin Tags And How To Rid Them

Skin tags: what are they? Have you ever noticed small flaps of skin growing on your underarms? Possible on your neck, breast, groin or even under or around your eyes, as well? They are called skin tags which are small growths or flaps that grow on skin. Although skin tags are harmless the cause of…


Banana and Other Alternative Remedies For Skin Care

Banana peel Bananas are not only delicious but contain many nutrients that your skin can benefit from. Go ahead and eat your whole banana, but don’t throw away the peel! Banana peels have the incredibly powerful antioxidant Lutein to cure acne. Lutein is an amazing antioxidant that decreases swelling, itchiness, and redness caused by acne….

Hhow to get rid of acne marks

Rid Yourself of Unsightly Acne Marks

Living with the onset of acne is enough of a challenge, especially for teenagers. And although acne can affect people of varying ages, it’s the pubescent times that have made the trauma and nuisance of acne such a hot topic in the last few generations. Unfortunately, winning the battle against  pimples is just the beginning. It’s…