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Viola Davis

Viola Davis, And Her Glowing Skin!

Many know that when it comes growing older, you tend to become wiser. However, Viola Davis believes that with age, comes a better beauty routine. The 54-year-old actress has decided to let the world in on her secrets. According to Davis, she feels more buoyant and girlish than ever before. She Loves A Good Steam…

hennessy carolina

Hennessy Carolina Dishes On Her Beauty Secrets

Hennessy Carolina is Cardi B’s younger sister. At only 22-years old, she is already giving expert advice on anti-aging and skin care products. On an episode of Go To Be With Me, Hennessy goes through her normal, nightly skincare routine, and shares the “tea” on how she keeps her skin gorgeous and glowing. As she…


Antioxidants To Add To Skin Routine

Some simple ingredients you should be adding to your skincare routine should be topical and oral antioxidants. Dermatologist recommend over the counter vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E because they will use peptides to repair your damaged skin and protect it from further damage. Look for skincare products that have antioxidants…

how to get clear skin

How To Get Clear Skin By Following A Routine

Few people have the same silky soft skin they did when they were young. The trick behind how to get clear skin for infants is they still have a velveteen covering that slowly disappears in the following months. For grownups and teenagers, the struggle for how to get clear skin, or rather the answer to getting the…