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Tom Ford

Tom Ford Creates Skincare Line

Designer Tom Ford couldn’t find a skincare line he liked. Therefore, he’s making his own that will fit his meticulous standards. The designer has decided to add a new facet to help with skincare: Tom Ford Research. His eponymous fragrance and makeup lines have estimated retail sales of more than $1 billion. The science-driven and…

acne cysts

Acne Cysts: What Are They and How To Treat Them

Recall growing up, when people would tell us we would grow out of our acne. Adults want to be encouraging and promote an “it gets better” mentality. However, when it comes to acne cysts, that isn’t always the case. A 2011 study shows that nearly have of women age 20-29 have clinical acne. Acne cysts…

Sarah Hyland

Sarah Hyland Shares Recent Skincare Favorites

Looking at Sarah Hyland, it’s obvious she knows about skincare. In an Instagram story, the actress shares her new favorite skincare products. However, the selfie shows Sarah staring straight at the camera wearing two different face masks and a hair turban. She tagged the brands of her face patches. Skyn Iceland, for the white ones…

hennessy carolina

Hennessy Carolina Dishes On Her Beauty Secrets

Hennessy Carolina is Cardi B’s younger sister. At only 22-years old, she is already giving expert advice on anti-aging and skin care products. On an episode of Go To Be With Me, Hennessy goes through her normal, nightly skincare routine, and shares the “tea” on how she keeps her skin gorgeous and glowing. As she…

treating fungal acne

Treating Fungal Acne Flare-Ups

Treating fungal acne is different than treating normal acne. Have you ever had acne breakouts on your shoulder, chest, and back that just won’t heal up? If so you could be suffering from what is called fungal acne, it is not as bad as it sounds so just keep that in mind. Dermatologists tell people…