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Treating Fungal Acne Flare-Ups

treating fungal acne

Treating fungal acne is different than treating normal acne. Have you ever had acne breakouts on your shoulder, chest, and back that just won’t heal up? If so you could be suffering from what is called fungal acne, it is not as bad as it sounds so just keep that in mind. Dermatologists tell people who workout frequently might just be the ones with the worse cases of fungal acne because of their sweaty workout clothes.

Fungal acne can either be Malassezia folliculitis and pityrosporum folliculitis. Although, regardless of what you call it anyone can get fungal acne. Malassezia folliculitis acne is an excess amount of yeast buildup on the skin that goes by the name Malassezia.

Treating Fungal Acne During Breakout

When there is an excessive amount of build up of Malassezia fungi with hair follicles arise causing the breakouts. In most cases of fungal acne swelling and itchy acne will appear. Typically this kind of breakouts will look right after working out hard at the gym or any excessive activity.

Typically people do not know they’re suffering from Malassezia folliculitis acne. However, if you are not sure you should consult your dermatologist. Your doctor may suggest a mild to high body wash. In some rare cases, you may need a prescription medication for your fungal acne. The most important thing to know is to be consistent with your daily skincare routine. Some drug subscriptions include Zeichner, Talakoub, and others.

Something else to keep in mind if you are suffering from Malassezia folliculitis acne is to wear loose clothing while exercising and to remove them as soon after working out. If you are frequently in the gym or work at a job that you sweat excessively always remember to dab your skin dry and do not rub. Keep yourself well hydrated, and your skin will thank you for it.

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