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Twin Study Reveals New Acne Data

Twin Study

A recently released twin study contains valuable research into potential causes of acne. The study surveyed 101 pairs of identical twins, 25 pairs of fraternal twins, and one set of triplets. The purpose of the study was to determine the effect of genetics on acne.

It turns out there is evidence of a connection. The study shows that identical twins are more likely to both have acne than their fraternal counterparts.

This increased likelihood is a result of shared genetics. Since identical twins share a high percentage of DNA, they are more likely to both suffer from rough skin.

Previous studies also show a correlation between acne and genetics. It is worth noting, however, that the vast majority of twins in the survey were female. Just 55 of the 255 participants were male.

Additionally, identical twins with acne are more likely to have a variety of other afflictions. Those ailments include asthma, anxiety, and polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Twin Study Shows How Different Factors Impact Acne

Another finding deals with exercise and Body Mass Index (BMI). According to the twin study, those with acne exercised less and had higher BMI than those without acne.

This data suggests that unhealthy dietary and workout habits can also cause acne. Genetics, though, remains the primary factor, according to the research.

Fifty-six pairs of identical twins both reported acne, but reported different severities. These sets of siblings provided additional information on potential irritating factors.

First up is sun exposure. Previous studies have shown that sunlight can help acne. However, according to these findings, the twin with more sun exposure had more severe acne.

Next in line is the individual’s use of cosmetics. Higher use of makeup and other cosmetics led to increased severity of acne in the survey.

This factor is less of a surprise. The more a person puts on his or her skin, the high the chance of skin irritation. It could also explain the sunlight factor. The researchers say it’s possible that sunscreen caused the worsening acne, not the sun itself.

Finally, the third statistically-significant factor is sugar consumption. The twin that took in more sugar had worse acne. Again, this shows that diet does play an impact in acne.

Many things play a role in whether or not a person suffers from acne. Know that if you’re a twin, you’re not in it alone!

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