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Types of Acne and There Treatment

There are different types of acne and each type has a different look and size, some requiring special treatments. In order to treat your blemish you have to know what your dealing with. Below are some of the most common types.


The most common type of acne is a mild, non-inflammatory that people get are Blackheads

Oxidation occurs when the plugged sebum is exposed to the air, causing a darker color.


Whiteheads are also a mild non-inflammatory called closed comedones. They are small and white in appearance. When a hair follicle fills with dead skin and sebum, a whitehead appears. They are easily treatable and do not generally cause scarring.

Scarring does not normally occur and is relatively easy to treat with several options. Such as drinking plenty of water, daily e Such as drinking plenty of water, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. You can also purchase an over the counter cream that contains Salicylic acid, 


Papules are small, slightly raised area on the skin that appears slightly swollen and red. They lack fluid have a solid feel to them and are generally sore.

It has no visible center, and the pores are small. Papules happen when a blackhead or whitehead irritate the surrounding skin. 

Further aggravation of picking can lead to scarring.


Pustules are papules that develop at the top of the hair follicle and usually have a white color to the head of the pimple. 

They become pustulant in the center when the bacteria collect.

Pustules form when white blood cells, dead skin cells, and bacterial cells form in the hair follicle. Pimples are s surrounded by red and inflamed skin.


Cystic acne can be painful, and it forms deep in the skin with a broad, soft look. 

They are considered the most severe type of acne. The main trigger that leads to cysts is usually hormonal.

Cysts can cause further complications such as scarring if not treated adequately.

 Acne Conglobata

The rarest type of acne is Acne conglobata, but it is the most severe. It is a combination of several types of acne interconnect with each other.

The cysts often contain infected and foul-smelling pus. This condition may occur on any part of the body

This condition may occur gradually following the sudden worsening of pustular acne breakouts that have been quiet for an extended period.

Acne conglobata is a serious medical condition that requires immediate medical attention because it can cause significant scarring.

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