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Vaccine That Stops Acne At It’s Source


There is a new vaccine on the way that could prevent acne from ever coming back! A recent study was able to reveal that there is a way to block bacteria that damages skin, causing acne to occur.

For the very first time, scientists have successfully been able to target a type of bacteria that lives on the skin. After doing so, they have come up with a procedure that stops it from producing toxins. These toxins cause acne to develop.

A new vaccine in the form of immunotherapy that utilizes the human immune system to battle this particular bacteria. This long-awaited therapy could be just what the doctor ordered!

Researchers at the University of California were able to conduct the study using a series of lab tests on mice and the skin of human taken during biopsies.

Scientists were able to send antibodies from the immune system to the acne-causing bacteria. They did so in hopes it would reduce inflammation on the skin.

The bacteria in question is Propionibacterium. Though the bacteria is relatively harmless, it can cause red bumps to occur on the surface of the skin.

This particular bacteria produces and releases a toxin that experts believe the can stop with their new shot.

What happens is the vaccine will send antibodies tot he bacteria, thus blocking it from being able to release its toxins.

New Vaccine That Helps Prevent Acne

During the experiments, the vaccine was successful in blocking the bacteria in the human skin samples.

Chun-Ming Huang, the lead investigator in the study, says that their new breakthrough could potentially millions of people lives.

Most treatments for acne are little to non-successful, and some aren’t even tolerable. More than 40 million tens and adults suffer from acne in the U.S.

This new treatment may be what everyone needs to fight off those unsightly bumps.

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