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Viola Davis, And Her Glowing Skin!

Viola Davis

Many know that when it comes growing older, you tend to become wiser. However, Viola Davis believes that with age, comes a better beauty routine. The 54-year-old actress has decided to let the world in on her secrets. According to Davis, she feels more buoyant and girlish than ever before.

She Loves A Good Steam Shower
Davis says that she loves to steam her face while in the shower. Jeanette Jackin, MD, is a dermatologist in San Diego. She says that steam is excellent for opening up pores as well as flush out impurities.

Vaseline Is A Staple

Though Viola may look dewy in almost all of her Instagram posts, she says that it comes will help. When struggling with dry skin, Viola Davis says she turns to Vaseline. Now, Davis is a spokesperson for the brand. However, before she became a spokesperson for Vaseline, it was already a staple in her beauty routine.

She’s all about an acid peel.

Before taking her steamy showers, occasionally, Viola will stimulate her skin with a peel that promotes skin-cell growth. It helps her to sustain her dewy-glow as well as makes for a smoother canvas for makeup. They peel off a few layers of skin, allowing for Viola to go in with her favorite oil to help penetrate her skin.


According to Viola, sleep is the number one thing that helps keep her skin looking it’s best. She says that she goes to sleep early so that she can feel fully rested. Also, she’s been asking for more time off.

Ms. Davis Loves A Good Body Scrub

Davis claims that she is a product junkie. However, she has been able to narrow down her favorite scrubs to a few. She enjoys Brown Sugar Scrub by Fresh. Davis also enjoys GlamGlow products.

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