Does Drinking Water Help Acne

Does Drinking Water Help Acne?

When you are struggling with acne it can be an arduous battle. You may try anything and everything in an effort to get rid of the unsightly and uncomfortable bumps. From creams to pills, there are near endless remedies out there that claim to be the ultimate weapon in fighting acne. Despite all the fancy advancements in dermal treatments, there is one simple thing you can do to help give your body a better fighting chance in the war against blemishes; Drinking an adequate amount of water each day can help improve your skin issues significantly.

How does drinking water help acne?

Water is one of the prime components in the human body. It accounts for over half of our bodily content. If provides the basis for the many fluids within the body. This includes the plasma within each cell and for some organs in particular, such as lungs, it makes up 90% of the volume. Your skin is an organ, and like most organs in the body, it requires a certain amount of water to function properly and healthily.

When you are fully hydrated your entire body is functioning at a more optimal level. Part of regular bodily functions is to filter out waste, toxins, and bacteria. To do this it requires a lot of water to flush out and regulate systems. When you are not drinking enough water your skin, being the largest organ, is greatly affected. Toxins, bacteria, and even waste can get trapped inside the dehydrated cells of your skin and lead to worsening acne.

Other benefits to drinking more water.

How else does drinking more water help acne problems? Aside from helping improve hydration and elimination of harmful byproducts of the body, drinking water can also help prevent you from drinking less healthy alternatives. While there is the old argument that soft drinks have water in them as well, it is the other less healthy ingredients that make them bad for you. No matter if it is diet or regular, there are a lot of unhealthy levels of chemicals and ingredients like sodium or sugar in soft drinks. Juice is another deceptive culprit that people often try to claim is healthier than water. It is again true that there is water present, there are also a lot of natural sugars in fruit juice. A diet high in sugar will not only lead to skin problems, but worsen any current issues. Replacing any other type of junk drink with water can help contribute to not just skin, but overall health.

How much water should you drink?

Another common question that also arises is, “Does drinking water help acne if its only a certain amount?” That is in part a slightly more complicated answer. On one hand, some argue that even just improving your water intake can help, where others say it has to be at least the optimal amount of water to have an effect. The optimal amount is the real tricky part. There is some measure of debate on what the optimal amount of water is. Some even feel that there is no universal hard ruling on the matter, or that the guidelines vary by age, weight, and gender. One of the oldest recommendations is to simply drink 8 ounce of water, 8 times a day for a total of 64 ounces, which is about 2 liters or half a gallon of water. It may seem like a lot, but bare in mind the amount of water in your body is much higher.

Some newer schools of thought believe that the females need a bit over 2 liters and males need a full 3 liters a day. This is again a generalization that is affected by many variables and should be taken as more of a loose guideline. Keep in mind that fluid intake is a more appropriate term than daily water intake. There is water in food as well. Fruits and vegetables are especially packed full of water. So while the proper amount of hydration is important to overall health, it like anything can also be taken to an unhealthy extreme. Drinking excessive amounts of water can even be lethal, though it would take quite a bit more than a liter or two. You would have to drink three to four times as much in a short period of time to thin the saline dilution of the blood to dangerous levels.

As a guideline, aim for 2 litres or half a gallon of water a day. For the average person, this will greatly improve acne problems. Drinking this much water is easy to accomplish if you spread it over your day. Try keeping a bottle or glass of water beside you during the day.

Does drinking water help acne if its flavored?

Even though pure water, without artificial sweeteners is best for overall health, it can be hard to get used to. Its lack of flavor or blandness can make many people turn up their noses towards it. However, just as you have to keep in mind that fluid and hydration intake are the goals, you can drink flavored water and still reach your daily goal. However, be aware of the sugar levels and chemical content in your flavouring, as those can still negatively impact acne.

Alternatively, you can also find more natural ways to enhance your water’s flavor. Essence water is essentially water that has the faintest hint of something. There are thousands of recipes for ways to enhance the flavor of water using natural ingredients without adding much aside from some taste to the water. Typically all it takes is a bit of fruit or spices to help liven up water and make it easier to tolerate.

Tip: Add half a lemon to your glass of water. This will not only give the water flavour but lemons turn your blood more alkaline, which will help clear up breakouts.

How well does drinking water work?

Many people who ask, does drinking water help acne, also want to know, how quickly or well does it work? The answer is again fairly simple, you have to understand that drinking more water will not cure your blemishes overnight. It is part of the healing process. Returning and keeping your body at healthy hydration levels will help over time to reduce blemishes caused by trapped toxins and bacteria.

In addition, if you body is several dehydrated, the water you drink for the first while will go towards more important organs than the skin, such as the lungs, liver and heart. Be persistent and consistent.

Where you can find out more about acne?

Aside from drinking more water, there are several other health things you can do to help improve acne. Places such as can help you find many different treatments, as well as give you testimonials and comments by other people dealing with the same problems. Many people have asked “Does drinking water help acne?”, along with many other questions on these websites. Reaching out through forums and blogs is a great way to connect and learn about alternative treatments and remedies.

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